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Cloud computing promises to bring ubiquitous information access with virtually-unbounded resources to all users at home, at work or on the move alike. EcoCloud is a consortium of university researchers to pioneer technologies to make cloud computing scalable, cost-effective and sustainable.

  • Overview of EcoCloud's first year - Looking to the future; Babak Falsafi, Director of EcoCloud, EPFL
  • Archutecture and SoC implications of hyperscale servers; Paolo Faraboschi, Distinguished Technologist, HP Labs
  • Hands-free data Management for the data deluge era; Ionnis Alagiannis
  • Solid state and database: Where and how?; Manos Athanassoulis
  • Automated software synthesis; Philippe Suter
  • Automated software testing in the cloud; Stefan Bucur
  • Cooling-aware power management for datacenters; Jungsoo Kim
  • System simulation of thousand-core heterogeneous SoCs; Shivani Raghav
  • Accelerating resource allocation in virtualized environments; Dejan Novakovic
  • Clearing the clouds; Mike Ferdman
  • Scale-out processors; Boris Grot

Industry Perspectives

  • Less energy is more performance; Antonio Gonzalez (Intel)
  • Visions of large data center operators on tomorrow's hardware infrastructure; Marcel Ledergerber (Credit Suisse)
  • Specialised systems in the cloud; Eric Sedlar (Oracle)

Experte Babak Falsafi
Expertin Anne Wiggins